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AYU TECH Protein

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World’s 1st Ayurvedic Protein​​​

With Goodness of 14 Herbs of Ashwagandha, Gokhru, Shatavari, Swet Musli, Amla, Moringa, Chia Seeds, Chana Black, Spirulina, Flax Seeds, WHEY etc…


+ 24G Protein, Natural BCAA

+ Natural Vitamins & Minerals, OMEGA 3

+ Certified by AYUSH, GMP, ISO

+ Boosts Testosterone naturally

+ No Side Effects, No Steroid, No Soya

+ WHEY BLEND imported from USA.

Q. Why different from other Supplements?

– Increases Stamina & Power Naturally.

– Takes Fitness to next level by working on roots of the body.

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